Permanent exhibition

The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia preserves the national memory, memorial and the long term historical story of the fate of the Latvian state, people and land while under the control of two occupying totalitarian powers from 1940-1991. This is the story of the treachery of the USSR and Nazi Germany against the sovereign state of Latvia, and the three occupations that led to the people of Latvia being pushed to the extreme limits of physical and mental survival. This story is about oppression, terror and violence; about crimes against humanity; about powerlessness, fear and betrayal; but also of disobedience, resistance and heroism. However, most of all, it’s about the endurance and mental strength which allowed people to survive, restore the independence of their state and bring the country back to Europe and the world.

While the museum is being expanded and reconstructed, it is located in a temporary premise. At the start visitors can watch a short introductory film in four languages – Latvian, English, German and Russian. The exhibition presents, with extensive historical context, contemporary documents, such as the Hitler-Stalin pact, photographs, maps, posters and artefacts. Materials about the fates of individuals are stored in the museum’s collection: video testimonials, diaries, letters, personal documents, many memorial items and artworks. Every year the museum is visited by high-ranking foreign guests, media representatives, researchers and thousands of tourist, students and school children.

Opening Hours

Due to the change of exhibits and setting up of our new exhibition, The Museum’s of the Occupation of Latvia current exhibition is CLOSED.

Due to the relocation of the museum to the reconstructed building, the collection department will not accept visitors from 1 November 2021


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